toggl Integrations

About toggl

Toggl’s time tracker is built for speed and ease of use. Time logging with Toggl is so simple that you’ll actually use it. Toggl drives a stake in the heart of timesheets.

toggl Features

  • Simple, one-click time tracking
  • Designed to work for a team, with multiple projects, tags, and more
  • View reports of your time and turn them into professional emails or PDFs
  • Track time from other apps via integrations
  • Works on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and in popular browsers
Create toggl client for new ActiveTrail contacts
Create toggl client for new BILLIVING clients
Create BILLIVING client for new toggle clients
Create GreenInvoice client for new toggl clients
Create toggl clients for new Invoice Ninja clients
Create toggl client for new Freshdesk contacts
Send Twilio SMS for new toggl time entries
Create toggl clients for new LessAnnoyingCRM companies
Create toggl clients for new Shopify customers
Create toggl client for new GreenInvoice clients

toggl Triggers

  • New Client

    Triggers when a new client is created

  • New Time Entry

    Triggers when a new time entry is created

  • New Workspace

    Triggers when a new workspace is created

toggl Actions

  • Create Client

    Creates a new client

  • Create Group

    Creates a new group

  • Create Project

    Creates a new project

  • Create Project User

    Creates a new project user

  • Create Tag

    Creates a new tag

  • Create Task

    Creates a new task

  • Create Time Entry

    Creates a new time entry

  • Create User

    Creates a new user

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